The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company

The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company

Carry on Shakespeare – introducing kids to the bard!

About us

The Company

The Pocket Oxford Theatre was created in 2009 by a group of experienced, professional performers who set out to devise shows that make Shakespeare’s plays more fun and accessible to young people. Since then, the company has toured extensively, predominantly outside of the UK, presenting approximately 150 shows per year in theatres, schools and arts festivals of Europe to thousands of young people.

The Pocket Oxford Theatre is a company of highly trained and dedicated actors who have a wide range of skills, full equity status and extensive personal CVs in performance, alongside their theatre-in-education work. The company includes trained teachers, choreographers, directors, performance innovators and contemporary artists who collaborate to create The Pocket Oxford Theatre’s unique shows.


All our plays last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Ideally the stage area will be of at least 3m × 4m, but we can make nearly any available space work. We travel with our own sound equipment, costumes and set. Our only requirements are a power source, 4 tables/desks and 8 chairs. If you require more than one show in the same day, please allow an hour between shows.

Members of The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company

  • Teds Walker (Artistic Director)
  • Lisa Lee (The Lipsinkers, UnderConstruction)
  • James Chaplin (Strangelings, Bramble FM)
  • Kaye Dunnings (The Laundrettas)
  • Imogen Rodgers (Mouth & Trousers)
  • Giles Walker (The Mutoid Waste Company)
  • Grainne Kearney (Miss Polly Cupcake)
  • Toby Gascoigne (Ramshacklicious, Stuff and Nonsense)
  • Caroline Partridge
  • Jayde Adams
  • Jonathan Richardson